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Lake Manyara National Park


This charming park is tiny by comparison with most of the others on a safari itinerary but its special qualities and abundant wildlife make it a most worthwhile visit.

The park covers only 330 square kilometers of which 230 is the lake itself.

More About Lake Manyara National Park

The park lies under the wall of the great rift valley escarpment. The lake is quite shallow and can almost disappear in the dry season but there are permanent water sources that have produced a lush forest and a variety of imposing and interesting trees.

This is not technically a rainforest but is very similar, dense, and shady with numerous monkeys, birds, and other forest life. In the more open areas of acacia woodland, the more typical selection of lions, elephants, buffalo, gazelle, giraffes, etc. are to be found. The park is famous for its supposedly unique tree-climbing lions, but these are actually quite rarely spotted here, and lions can be seen in trees in other areas also.

For those that love baboons, this is the place to visit. The park is dominated by large troupes of baboons who often delight in showing off for visitors. On the shores of the lake the wonderful birdlife selection can be viewed, Eagles, Pelican, Flamingo, Cranes, Storks, Hornbills, Egrets and numerous others can be seen, there is also a usually well-stocked hippo pool.