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Katavi National Park


Katavi National Park is located on the western side of Tanzania between lakes Tanganyika and Rukwa. Within the park’s 4,471-kilometre area, you can find the full range of wildlife including the elusive sable and roan antelopes. The park also features Tanzania’s densest concentrations of hippopotami and crocodiles.

More About Katavi National Park

Some 4,000 elephants roam the park and varieties of antelope spend their days trying to avoid becoming a meal for the many lions and spotted hyenas. The best game viewing in the season is along the Katuma River.

One of the most fascinating events that can be seen in Katavi is the territorial struggle of the hippos when the water supply in the pools is low.

Along with walking and vehicle-based wildlife viewing, many visitors visit the tamarind tree thought to be inhabited by the spirit of Kitabi. This celebrated hunter is still honored by the local tribesmen who leave offerings at the tree in hope of his blessing. The park is accessible by scheduled and charter flights and there are luxury tented camps available for accommodation.